join the 10 week challenge!

august 13th - october 22nd

Do you have events to attend towards the end of this year? A wedding? A party? Holiday celebrations? Want to "wow" your family & friends? Traveling somewhere for a vacation? or do you simply just want to look and feel your best for your damn self? And on top of that- do you want to have the opportunity to win some pretty cool stuff?! Then this is for YOU!

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This 10 week Challenge will run from August 13th-October 22nd!
I have created a program to help you become your fittest and most confident self in just 10 weeks!



  • A PERSONALIZED MEAL PLAN: The meal plans for this program will change 3 different times, roughly every 3 weeks. These plans will include healthy well rounded meal options aimed to help you lose weight in all of the right places. A new meal guide will be available every 3 weeks. The meal plans will include meal prep options, healthy recipes, and even ideas for when you are out and about and on the go. Macros will be included, along with approved food swap list.

  • WORKOUT AND CARDIO ROUTINE: These workouts will also change every 3 weeks, alongside the nutrition program. These are meant to perfectly compliment each other and also help sustained fat loss. I also included an additional At-Home workout program for those who may not have a gym, or will be traveling and don't have a chance to get to a gym.

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: This facebook group will be your motivational space for the 10 week fitness challenge. This is a great place to ask questions and get to know the other participants in the challenge. It's also a great place to post your progress, ask questions, and motivate the group! I will also be posting tips, tricks, and any additional helpful info you might need for the challenge!

  • 24/7 EMAIL SUPPORT: You will have full-time access to me for any questions you might have. I will be by your side, doing the challenge with you, and am here to help you grow and learn throughout the challenge!


At the beginning of the Challenge, you will submit your "Before" Photos and Measurements, followed by "After" Photos & Measurements at the end of the Challenge. The winner will be chosen subjectively off of the biggest transformation! This doesn't necessarily mean the person who loses the most weight on the scale, but it will more so be focused on overall body composition!

The winner will be chosen by myself after October 22nd, and will win the following prizes:

  • A free Month of Customized Training & Nutrition Programming, starting at their chosen date.

  • Free Entry into my next Challenge for themselves or anyone of their choosing!

  • A $100 Gift Card to Run Everything Labs.

  • A $50 Gift Card to The Lions Choice.

  • A box full of fitness goodies, worth totaling over $200+.

  • A free Skype session with me to be used to talk about anything- Training, Nutrition, Goals, Posing, Competing, Lifestyle, Advice, etc!