WHAT'S IN MY GYM BAG? | June 2018

When it comes to my workout bag (and really, just my purses in general) I like to keep it loaded with everything I could possibly need in a Zombie Apocalypse. Really. I like to be prepared for ANYTHING.

With this issue, I've broken numerous bags and sometimes I even have to carry 2 bags to hold everything. Extra, I KNOW. But since I spend essentially half of my life at the gym I feel like it's partially acceptable. I'm also super forgetful and have a crazy hectic schedule, so I keep everything I could possibly need in my bag just in case.

Anyways, here's what the heck is in my gym bag:

1.) WAIST TRAINER- I wear these religiously in my competition season, and frequently in my off-season (I have about 3 different sizes on hand just in case). I SWEAR by these. Contrary to popular belief, they're actually super comfortable and really help with bracing my back. I have slight scoliosis, so this helps keep my posture correct which minimizes strain on my back. It also helps my waist obtain a more "hourglass" shape with extended wear. I like to switch between the workout trainer, the latex trainer, and the sauna trainer depending on what mood I'm in. I have a discount code for $ off- which is "QUADTIFF" and can be used on anything sitewide!

2.) TRAINING JOURNAL- Ever since I discovered Dana Linn Bailey's Prep Journals from the Arnold & the Olympia, I have been addicted to tracking my workouts. Within this journal holds my daily workouts, notes on how they went, and feedback on what I like/didn't like about a particular day. I also track energy levels, weight fluctuations, cardio types/intensities, and calories burned on my fitbit. Maybe one day I'll be interesting enough to mass produce a copy of it and sell it to the world, but until then- I HIGHLY recommend you checking Dana's journals our for some hella motivation. Pro Tip: Use "QUADTIFF" & they'll be under $20 bucks a pop.

3.) GUM- I've been particularly enjoying this NEURO GUM. Neuro Gum has a proprietary nootropic formula that has been scientifically shown to boost mental performance and cognition. It uses the synergy between natural green tea caffeine + L-theanine + B-vitamins to get you going 5X faster without the sugar crash or jitters. I chew this throughout my workout on days when I am feeling low in energy or a bit unfocused, and it truly helps a significant amount.

4.) FACE & BODY WIPES- These individually packed wipes from Bath & Body Works are really awesome. They have a textured side to clean while lifting away dirt and sweat, and a smooth side to help wipe everything away for a fresh finish. These little dudes are great. This whole "active" line from B&BW is great, actually. I have a few more I use that aren't in this picture: Dry Shampoo, Shower in a Bottle body foam, & Body refresher mist just to name a few.

5.) TO-GO SAMPLES- You know I always have to have Run Everything Labs ONWARD on hand, anywhere I go. This stuff is my all time favorite product and I use it in so many ways: an afternoon pick me up, intra workout for mental clarity, to flavor my water if I'm craving something sweet, or as a powder addition to my cucumbers or salads for a little fruit flavoring. It's truly so beneficial and useful in numerous ways. My favorite flavor of all time? Strawberry Lemon.

6.) RESISTANCE BANDS- I got these little bad boys from Amazon after much trial & error. It should be a crime how with many crappy resistance bands are out there. These are good. And cheap. Two of my favorite things.

7.) WRIST WRAPS- I use these on heavy chest/press movement days. I have the wrists of an infant, so these are necessary in my life. Comfy and durable.

8.) PUMP FORMULA- You already know I have to have my second favorite Run Everything Labs supplement on hand, which is their STW non-stim pre-workout/pump formula. I use this stuff pre and intra-workout. It helps me keep my pump and blood flow without having to deal with weird tingles and jitters everywhere. It's the GOAT, and so is this new Berry flavor. If you're a Pina Colada fiend like me- you'll also really enjoy the Miami Nice flavor.

9.) LIFTING STRAPS- These dudes are even better than Versa Grips, and more comfortable in my opinion. They're available in sizes for both Men & Women.

10.) HIP CIRCLE- This is an absolute necessity on leg days. I don't know what I did without this, to be honest. I spend a good 10 minutes before my workout warming up with this, doing shuffles/wide walks and just getting my hips primed for lower body movements. It's also a great addition in certain exercises to help target the glutes. It's great. Get you one and have bands to make you and others dance for days,


1.) GYM BAG- Three Words: GYM BRO BAG. That is all.

2.) SWEAT WRAPS- I have no preference for these because I think they're all the same. You can find various ones on Amazon, but these are the brand I use.

3.) TOPICAL THERMOGENIC- I don't have a preference for these, they're all created equal in my opinion.

4.) HEADPHONES: I always keep 2 on hand: Soul Electronics (bonus for making you look like an astronaut) & Malektronics.

5.) LIFTING BELT: I have a personalized one from Pioneer. Best belt I've ever had.

6.) KNEE SLEEVES: Whenever my knees feel 30 years older than I actually am, I wear these. Which ends up being almost every time I do legs. So there's that.

I hope this helps give you all some ideas on things to add to your bag! Comment below and let me know your favorite Gym Bag Must-Haves!

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